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Yes. Also "proper" names for the weapons (an example is like uh.......... TV-48 for the Plasma Rifle. Bad example I know)

Like what? "Hi, I'm Anne the Anti-Materiel Rifle and when you squeeze me I make the bad men go away!"?

You know, like AK-47 or M4 or H&K L30 (Gatling Laser in Fallout 1 and 2

I think what he means by "backstory" are things like how they got there, who wielded them before you, how many flaming unicorn-bred deathclaws it killed, things like that.

Flaming Unicorn-bred Deathclaws: THE MOVIE! First thing that came to mind.

Yeah like the AER-14 Laser Rifle they have a name for it use it like instead of laser rifle put AER-14 they did it with power armor why not guns and they already have guns with origin like the laser rifle in Vault 22 it was an experiment same with the Q-35 Matter Modulator in REPCONN HQ and even with armors too like the Power Medic Armor in FO3 it was a prototype


This is why I love mods, Part of the FOOK2 package in Fallout 3 adds the H and K L30 for example, and changes the Laser pistol to the AEP7 ( Along with a lot of other stuff too )

As to their being backstory, detailing their hostory in the 200 plus years they have existed for ( In the case of Pre war tech that is, not unique DIY's) would be nice, but on the other hand the lost history, largely to do with the "great static" is sort of part of the lore itself.

Though I personally relish all the info I can get, I love tracking down the info on terminals and holotape log entries to learn more, and wish there was more int he games

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