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if you plan it out from the beginning maybe but if not then almost... Ive maxed out 4 of my skills and am 70 or higher on all other skills and i am level 40 so 10 more levels will be getting me very close to max but probably not all the way. if you went full intelligence you'd get 15 points a level plus two from educated is 17 * 50 = 850 + 15 from tag is 865 and there are 13 skills in the game but depending on how your guys stats start out based on you tag skills and what not some skills wont need as much and their are 4-6 skill books for every skill each giving 5 points a book so you can get up to a 30 point boost for every skill meaning you can (with very careful planning) max out a character by level 50 in fallout New VegasYes.

Bullshit. Books gives 3 or 4 point. In Game there are 5 of each except Science (that one have 6), and survival (that one have 4). In Honest Hearts you can get max 8 RANDOM books. That will give you with some builds maxed out skills now. check this: "Actually you can max out your skills even now. Example: ST 1, PE 9, EN 9, CH 1, IN 9, AG 3, LC 8, with implants gives ST 2, PE 10, EN 10, CH 2, IN 10, AG 4, LC 9 (thad build gives you max skillpoints - example only). This stats determine starting points for skills: Barter 11, Energy 27, Explosives 27, Guns 15, Lockpick 27, Medicine 27, Melee 11, Repair 27, Science 27, Sneak 15, Speech 11, Survival 27, Unarmed 27. With 3 tags gives you 334 points total. To max out everything you need 1300. With Educated perk taken on 4 lvl, and int implant taken before 3 lvl you have 2x 15 skill points on level up and 37x 17 skill points on lvl up - that gives 659 points. We have 993. 65 skill books x 4 points gives 260 points. We have 1253. Tag! perk gives 15. We have 1268. 6 posible skill books in Honest Hearts gives together 1294. If you will take Intensive training 2 times (2x CH, 2x AG, 1x CH and 1x AG, 1x ST and 1x AG or 1x ST and 1x CH) you will get the missing 6 skill points. But who would do that... 00:17, May 20, 2011 (UTC)" from: I was 28 points short from maxing out everything without that particular build on 40 level with honest hearts and dead money. That means - two levels.

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