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Former Vault user Tezzla Cannon was banned from the Vault. He decided to take it out on this community, for reasons I cannot fathom.

Needless to say, he was blocked. He used an alt account. Blocked. And another, and again, blocked. He then used an IP address. Blocked. He smarted up and used a proxy. At least five hundred spam/troll questions would be fielded by him a day, wasting lots of time and energy removing them. Needless to say, in my own words, it was an attack.

What is worse is that IP users would them re-answer the deleted questions despite a deletion log as long as your arm. See below. (I understand that most has their hearts in the right place, but it did not help.)

The anonymous community has always been a bit of a problem:[1]

  • Spam/vandal/trolling behavior
  • Putting answers in the question box
  • Bad grammar, spelling and just foul language in general
  • Asking some questions that are just common sense
  • Asking very vague and open questions with no content
  • Asking very long and winding questions that become muddled and confused
  • Asking the same questions over and over, despite a search bar and an FAQ. Do you know how many people don't know who Tandi is?
  • Answering deleted questions. They are deleted for a reason.
  • Asking forum questions/opinions. This is where you get answers, so ask only what can be definitively answered.

Then Tezzlas' behavior just put it over the edge. We put together an admin team to prevent future disturbences. After having an admin team in place a so called IPron Curtain[2] (total IP address block) was set in place. It was taken down in a weekend trail, but the problems above kept occuring, so a permanent IPron Curtain was set in place.

I do understand that the majority of questions and traffic are IP users. I'm deeply sorry to those who have an honest question, but the bulk of our problems above were by anonymous IPs. I hope this block can achieve not just prevention from the above listed, but users will more readily utilize the FAQ and search, in the upper right corner of the main page. I also hope more people will create accounts to contribute well to the community, and finally some elbow room to complete certain projects with the site.

Yours in whatever,

Big McLargeHuge

And thanks to co-admin Kastera for being a damn fine help around here.

GhostAvatar, you ARE the wizard of the main page.


  1. Due to anonymity, we cannot properly gauge what "ratio" anon users were helpful vs. unhelpful, so please excuse the broad generality.
  2. We do not afilliate with or support the idealisms of Soivet Communisim. It was just a throw-a-way nick-name I gave it that somehow stuck.