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The creators didn't know where to put it. You can use console commands for it.

to tell you the truth im fed up of hearing about that :(

all people say is console commands,,well believe it or not just like 3/4 of other console players I OWN A CONSOLE so i cant use commands,,,what makes u think a have a pc version ???

  • Often things can only be done by cheating. No one knows what platform you have, but sometimes the only answer to "How can I do X" is "cheat using the console if you have a PC". If you want to be doing impossible things in the game then you pretty much have to buy the PC version. Incidentally, this is not one of those times, so calm down.

the game crashes every 2 mins <- so does everything else

I think its because raiders all wear fiend helms now

Well, I think we all forgot that there is the Raider Psycho-Tic helmet. Although we can't obtain it, there is a Raider that is killed by a NCR Veteran Ranger in the intro.

because its SHIT

You can buy it from the Great Khans. Shows up randomly. I've seen it there twice.

You can buy it from the Great Khan armorer, and rather oddly from the quartermaster at the Hoover Dam. It's random, so just check them both every few days.

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