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It really depends on which hazard in dead money you want to survive the most. Dog/God is good for killing/ avoiding the Ghost People, respectively. Dead Domino is great for going through areas filled with the cloud, also he is good with Explosives and Guns. Christine helps a lot with the radios and speakers, which gives you more time to run past them or destroy them. Christine also has a wide set of skills and can teach you to counterfeit Seirra Madre Chips. In my opinion Christine or Dog are your best options. God and Dean are really only good if your looking for meat shields for the Ghost depends...

If you are radiated and have Rad Child - anything that gives you dean - can be neglected. If you don't have - Domino's perk helps a lot.

Most of the speakers in the villa can be destroyed or turned of - so Christina's perk is definitly not the best one.

Dog can teach you anything that his perk gives you -when you will have that ability - his perk... will not grant you much.

I didn't liked God's perk... I can't even remember what it does.

So - that depends only - who you like more...

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