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ballistic fist/pushy

Depends on why your using it. Pushy knocks people back, that will get melee attackers off you then companion can sweep them up or you can straight charge them while they're recouping from the knock back. The Pallidin Toaster is the strongest weapon against robots or power armor because it uses an EMP for a punch, so for destroying the BoS or say going to get the Tesla Beaton Prototype at the crashed vertibird gaurded by about 10 robots, it gets the job done. And of course, the balistic fist is an all-around sweeping weapon, it's like the Anti-Materiel Rifle of unarmed. But now if you have honest hearts and a high unarmed skill, She's Embrace and the Mantis gauntlet are 2 great weapons as well, the Mantis one I believe also has special effects, and Love and Hate, found near Bonnie Springs I believe, can sweep most anything too, plus you can sneak it into casinos no matter how high your sneak skill is; these weapons aren't as strong as the balistic fist, but with high enough skill, like 100 unarmed, they will kill mostly anything.

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