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I ask because I'm playstation, just got this DLC yesterday and have yet to decide which is better. Ranger has more DT clearly, yet no bonus's, but Joshua Graham's has Crit chance, along with wearing the 1st Recon Beret. One is light, one is medium. Move faster for less DT.. Really can't decide on this one.

Depends on preference. Zion is easy enough there arent any heavy armored enemies so grahams would be fine but you gotta beat it to get grahams and you can get the survivalists desert ranger outfit during your first stay at zion. Id prefer the armor to be safe but it honestly doesnt matter too much.

I'm still having trouble with this one, hit harder with Graham's, but get hit for less damage with the Desert Ranger.. This game pisses me off.

It also depends on the type of player you are (And also, Medium carries no Agilty loss with Combat Armors for some reason). If you are a Looter then Graham's armor is a clear choice as it has a less weight ratio compared to the 25 pounds of the Desert Ranger. A Murderer or Story character would benifet during the final arcs of the game (Espically if playing against NCR as they will nearly all be wearing the Desert Combat Armor which is almost the same as the Desert Ranger (The exception being they do not have as many markings and the Armor under the coat is clearly grey, not gray/black) It all depends on personal choice and if you have the supplies or caps to repair it (As Graham's Armor is hard to repair without the Jury Rigging perk) (Info from PSN Id Nekro13)

I'd go for the Desert Ranger armor personally, since it provides T45D protection without the heavy agility loss and extra weight. The only aesthetic problem is the armor clips with most weapons when holstered and the texture's messed up around the left wrist when using a rifle or similar weapon.

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