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There are a total of 6 Sheet Music Booklets in Fallout 3. One is located in Vault 92 in the Mens Quarters bathroom in the Living Quarters. They are in an closed stall on the ground near the toilet. Another is in the Arlington Library; Found in the children's section of the library. Past the Firehose Box. Go right, past the Nuka Cola Machine. Enter the first room you see. The music paper is in the right cubicle by a music stand on the floor. If you look at the Local Map, it's in the upper of the two rooms on the left side of the map. The third is in the National Archives. It is found in the first room in the Archive Sub-Basement, when not entering from the lift with Sydney. The room is full of books and broken metal shelves; music paper is on the bottom shelf of the west wall. The next booklet is in Springvale School. When you enter the front door of Springvale Elementary and turn to your right you'll enter a hallway. Go to the first room (it should be right in front of you) and there will be a couple of mattresses and a flipped over desk. Walk around over to the desk and right behind it is a sheet music book. After that, there is one on the Statesman Hotel; Found on the roof, near the music stands and chairs. The final sheet music booklet is found in Roosevelt Academy. It is found in the Arts and Athletics hall on the stage near the music stands.

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