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I think it'll take place in the great lakes reagion with the major players being the brotherhood (CW branch) Ronto (mentioned in the pitt) and the commonwealth

  • You know there's a midwestern BoS chapter, right? It's in te game we don't speak of.

Lets head to florida and wrassle some crocagatorcondas

Fallout London

Finally one set in England! Imagine walking down a disbanded road in central london with overturned doubledeckers and a burning Big Ben

Bit like the start of 20 days later

Manaus,Brazil (Orgulho nacional hehe :D)(Portuguese~English)

^^^^^^^^^^ Fighting with natives in the middle of the Amazon forest,with a giant pantherdile chasing you ^^^^^^^^^^

Осадки 4 будут иметь место в Матери Россия

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