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They are equal. Tey will all have the same amount of stuff, money wize. Though, if you get the scientific house decor, Megaton gives you a science skill book, while Tenpenny gives you an energy skill book. I don't know what the other themes give.

Tenpenny also has more storage spots, but the Megaton room is quicker to get to from fast travel.

The Tenpenny tower suite is a higher scale room, however contrary to the previous answer, it has LESS storage then megaton.

In your megaton home you have the following storage. Downstairs: 2 lockers and 1 refrigerator. Upstairs: 1 desk and 1 filing cabinet. Total 5.

In your Tenpenny tower home you have the following storage. 1 wardrobe, 1 footlocker, 1 safe and 1 desk. Total 4.

Both homes can add the Nuka-cola machine for an additional storage option.

As the first answer points out though, Megaton is MUCH easier to access via fast travel than Tenpenny tower. With megaton you simply fast travel then run up the stairs to your house, then enter. (1 load) With Tenpenny you fast travel there, open the front gate, go to the entrance door, (1st load) go to the elevator (2nd load) then enter your suite (3rd load)

Personally as often as I fast travel back to my house to unload loot and sleep/heal I would get extremely annoyed at the extra loads required with the Tenpenny suite. If you want to go with the evil or neutral karma you can easily do this without blowing up megaton.

Besides Moira is one of the best vendors in the game. It would suck to loose that as well as the added plus of selling all your scrap metal to Walter. Those 10 caps each (plus experience points) adds up seeing as you can collect 300 to 400 (or more) scrap metals easily over the course of the game.

Something else to keep in mind. In order to get the Tenpenny suite, you have to blow up Megaton. If you do this you miss doing the wasteland survival guide quest. (you can do it, however it takes quite some time to get through all parts of it and that’s a long time to go without having housing in the game)ReapTheChaos 21:57, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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