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The raider glitch - this is found on the xb360 other platforms may differ - this glitch exploits the in-game NPC respawn cycle(AKA farming) There are Raider glitches that i have found so far 1. at the raider shack (stabhappy) unique combat knife - will be dropped again when the raider respawns 2. at Bethesda Ruins a raider has a skill book in their items - again this will appear after the respawn There is also a way to spawn infinite Reservist Sniper Rifles - best to save prior to approaching the tabanacle - simply snipe at the hooded guy's gun in VATS - a critical hit should cause the rifle to be dropped - wait about a week or so away from the location..say goto Megaton and wait there - go back he should have his gun back then just repeat as required.

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