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That depends on whether you mean Good as in positive Karma for your character or good as in a prolongued prosperity for the Mojave Wasteland. You can actually complete any of the four main endings with a positive karma (I've done it myself), it will actually comment on that if you sided with either Mr. House or Ceaser ("although the courier was fair and just in his/her dealings, she/he sided with House/Ceaser" or somesuch) implying that their endings are the worse for the Mojave Wasteland. And I'd have to agree. Either the diplomatic NCR approach (as opposed to the more warlike one) or a Yes Man ending where you befriended all the secondary factions seems to get the best result. Although both Mr. House and Ceaser offer economic and military protection, albeit at the cost of personal liberty.

depends ncr mr.House or yes man if ncr everyone is allied with you kill Caesar have good karma and get alot of followers and get their best endings and make sure the president survives if yes man or mr.House let the president die kill Caesar get everyone you can allied with you kill the general and lanius both militaries will fall and or yes man will have complete utter control over nevada and possibly many other states possibly the entire country and have good karma

I myself would say Mr.House as he has the interest of humanity of a whole promising production of new technology withing 20 years and finding a new planet to colonize in 100 and everyone who would rather not have the NCR or Legion in control are also left alone and happy to live their lives.

It depends on your own political views. If you think that the United States has the best system of government, then the NCR, which is emulating that, is the good ending. This could be regarded as a centrist position. To the left of that, if you believe that direct-democracy/anarchy's goal of allowing every person to be equally important and empowered is a worthy one, then the No Gods, No Masters ending (Yes-Man) is the one for you. To the right of center, if you find yourself in sympathy with Ayn Rand's objectivism (ie, the underwater city in Bioshock), and believe that the people who *do* and *create* in society should lead the world ever-forward (without pausing to help the masses), then Mr. House, who will take mankind to the stars—but who won't stop to tend to their well-being—has got an ending for you. The calculator 07:25, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

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