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Depends on your playstyle. Try getting perks that suit your playstyle well. If you're focused on melee, you might want perks that enhance your melee effectiveness. Same rule applies to unarmed, ranged, mid ranged, etc.jury rigging hands downThere is no singular perk that is the end all beat all, to be honest it truly depends on how you want to build your character. All the perks have the ability to mesh very well with one another depending on your skill set and how you wish to progress the game. that depends on your class like if your unarmed if your sniper if your energy. just look up builds and they will give you great ones .Depends on the type off characterhere and nowI couldn't go without jury rigging myself.explorer is useless if your looking at this site, just use the map and save a perk

explorerThere isn't one but my favorite is the explorer perk so that you can go to those remote locations and get really good unique weapons. If you're a stealth person: ninja. Ninja is really the only specialized playstyle perk, that i can think of off the top of head. Explorer is the best generic in my opinion but i really like Long Haul Long Haul and Explorer is probably one of the better combinations but my advice is to get 12000 caps and go to the new vegas clinic near crimson caravan and get the implant that allows you to regenerate health, you wolud be such a bawse with that but really no offense stupid question it's up to you're playstyle.Heaps depending on gameplay style, for example, Sniper, Slayer, Explorer etc.

I almost always go for pack rat when playing on hardcore mode as ammo will be a major consumer of carrying weight.

Like above, depends on playstyle, but no matter what my choice (melee, eergy weapons, guns, etc.) i always get jury rigging. Low level (14), attainable (i put lots of points in repair anyway), lets u repair unique weapons and armor, and makes a ton of cash. explorers useless if using the wiki. other people probably have more important perks, but jury rigging seems the most efficient. plus, duct taping a BB gun to an AMR or sewing rags into sierra madre armor is awesome.

One of the better perks is the night person adds to you perception and intelligence at night..check into the other perk that adds strength to your character during the day...that way, i you do have both, if you need to do any challenges that require intelligentce or strength, wait till that time of day, and you will have a bonus to your basic skills with your higher base stats :)

Anything you do, never ever pick Infiltrator, Computer Whiz, and Here and Now perks.

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