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Clearly all the parts about Ulysses wouldn't be there. So far I think they'd be more or less as they were, but Lonesome Road is about Ulysses past with the Courier, so it would have to have a different focus.

The ending slides for Christine and Dog/God in Dead Money would be different, along with some minor dialouge. Honest Hearts wouldn't had changed that much as Ulysses was only mentioned once. Old World Blues, would probably be different since it has been comfrimed that he has some kind of apperance in OWB (probably not a big one). The Lonesome Road would had been completely rewriten. Like maybe the Battle at the Divide did happen between you and Ulysses (which would mean his death and not being a companion). Or it is someone else or uh............ It takes place after the Battle of Hoover Dam and Ulysses is pissed at you for whoever you sided with.

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