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Police pistol,automatic rifle,bear trap fist,all american,10 mm smg (or 12.7),dinner bell,holo-rifle( start with over 1000 mf cells),and Chance's knife. (yes, i know they're from dead money)

I (as a energy weapons, guns and melee maxed) brought the Knock-Knock, 12.7 pistol and smg, gobi campaign sniper rifle, leather armor, reinforced, and had no major trouble doing anything, really.

Just cut down to the basics, sniping rifle (gauss rifle also works, btw. But sniping is optional, but makes the experience much more fun and easy), sidearm/melee/unarmed, for fast take out and smg, for the cazadores, and maybe white legs, if you're not a melee weapons char.

Energy weapons aren't your best bet, since (i think) you won't find any energy weapons through the DLC, and ammo is kind of scarce, limited to only the survival caches.

You will get ammo to replenish your stock, and weapons to repair the ones you have.

You can buy ammo from Joshua Graham, including Energy Weapon ammo.

A sniping weapon would be good. I wouldn't bring an SMG since the .45 auto SMG is found in Zion (but it is two handed so maybe bring a one handed one). A Shotgun would come in handy for the mutated animals and melee weapon White Legs. I wouldn't bring an energy weapon if I'm going to bring in normal guns.

What you're good with. If your guns skill is high, probly a hunting shotgun and silenced sniper. And 10mm smg for the tougher enemies.

You don't need all those. Stick to a small weapon group, the basics. Bring Oh Baby, Plasma Caster, and if you're big on guns, pick up the survivalist's rifle while your there or bring a service rifle with upgraded springs and fast shot. That can take down the Legendary deathclaw, let alone and freakin Yao Guai or White Leg. If you're doing a speed run, or feel like being cheap, just bring a riot shotgun with both shotgun perks. Problem solved.

P.S. Armor is basically subjective; when you get up in the Combat Armor MK II and Power Armor area, the exact kind of armor doesn't really matter, given you know how to optimize your healing options.

And you do, right?(;

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