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Agility, Perception, guns, sneak. If hardcore throw in a few points to survival.

Here is a useful archetype, as suggested by the game guide.

S: 6

P: 8

E: 5

C: 2

I: 2

A: 8

L: 9

Tag: Guns, Sneak, Repair

Traits: Four Eyes, Small Frame (If you wish to be a stealthy Sniper), Trigger Discipline.

Perks: Sniper, Commando, Finesse, Center of Mass, Better Criticals, Rapid Reload, Weapon Handling, Silent Running, Hand Loader, Confirmed Bachelor, Bloody Mess, Hunter, Entomologist, Robotics Expert, Travel Light, Living Anatomy.

Weapons: Any Rifles, Scoped rifles and Sniper Rifles.

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