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i would say the solar gun thingy but alot of other ppl with say other wize

i would say probably the alien blaster if you have wild wasteland the eucids e finder is good its that laser thing you get from the lil kid in freeside and you have to activate archimedes II from helios one a good enery weapon but if you are guns use gobi scout campaign rifle with a ranger sequoie or what ever its called if you are explosives well i wouldnt know sorry melee oh baby or any super sledge with 10 frowing spears for some range

Its not what's best, its what's your favourite. Each gun is the best in its own way. I like the .45 Auto Pistol as its one of the best weapons you can take inside a casino (with the right sneak skill) and it has some of the best stats for a pistol. Light machine gun is another favourite as its the only gun that uses 5.56, has a higher magazine count than 30 thats fully automatic. Grenade launcher because I feel like such a badass everytime I pump it for another shot. The .44 Magnum because I'm feeling lucky (Dirty Harry Reference). Riot shotgun because nothing at close range survives. Throwing spears as they pin body parts to walls. Sledgehammer because smashing peoples heads in is fun (in game, not real life). .45 Auto Machine gun makes me feel like a 30's gangsta. BB gun because I own one in real life.

Best to use for fun or best to kill people with? If the former, Id say (for me, energy weapons 100 plus the Meltdown perk) Fatman because of the shear carnage that it delivers or the gattling laser for ultimate sci-fi satisfaction. However, I find the most practical weapon to be, the YCS/186. This is because of its prodigal dam, its very high chance of crippling on each shot and it is extremely accurate, which suits a PC FPSer like myself just fine.

The best guns are semi-autos. The best all-purpose guns in the game are This Machine if you can find it, Marksman Carbine, Brush Gun or Trail Carbine. Automatics are okay, but they use up ammo too fast and aren't as effective unless you fire in bursts.

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