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Depends. Support House/Yes Man, and New Vegas will bloom, feeding off of everything else. Support NCR, order will come into the Mojave, along with taxes and Unhappiness for The Khans and The brotherhood of steel. Support Caesar's legion with Caesar alive (et tumor quest) Many will fall, some will live (followers,Enclave). Support Legion with Lanius, the mojave will fall to the legion, only for the legion to fall to the mojave. Do side quests for towns like primm, goodsprings and freeside, they will live. Do companion quests, companions will have a happy ending (except veronica, luck just hates her) Dead money and honest hearts are a totally different story.That'd be the Indy ending, mainly because of the funny-ass cutscene of Yes Man throwing what's-his-nuts off the Dam, and getting to kill NCR and Legion. House's it the same, but a tad [By a tad I mean a ton] more boring.

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