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rephrase the question im not really getting what youre asking

The only way to permanently raise your SPECIAL stats is through implants or the Intense Training perk. Your DT is mostly effected by armor, but you can get the Toughness perk to give yourself a natural +3, for which you need END of at least 5. Stonewall boosts your DT against unarmed and Melee attacks, and Nerd Rage will boost it if you get low on HP, but otherwise not. There's also a DT implant you can get from Dr. Usanagi.

As in Weapons and Armor? The best Armour (in terms of DT) is Remnants Power Armour the helmet and armour give a total of 36 DT (in full condition of course). As for for SPECIAL well it depends on what stat you want to increase. Usually armor that gives you +1 or +2 strength weigh more than the carry weight bonus. The Courier Duster you get after you complete Lonesome Road DLC can give you some pretty nice stats

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