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First off, according to the FO3 storyline, China nuked us, and we never had time to retaliate. So they might not have a wasteland. Secondly, that is very opinionated, with many people having different answers. I personally think it sounds like a good idea, and that's what companies need - ideas.

  • In Fallout 2 you find out that the US retalliated from both the Sierra Army Depot computer and President Richardson. Richardson actually claims the US reprisal was disproportionately larger.

I would personally enjoy it.


No one truly says who attacked first but the ghoul hotel owner in underworld (forgot her name) said when she was little they were told to get to shelter when the west was gone, so that would have given the U.S. alot of time to retalliate against china but possibly not enough time because of the large amount of warheads left in fort constantine and the ICBM missle ready for launch but yeah that be an awesome idea

  • In the real world not all of the country's warheads are ready for delivery at once - under the current New START treaty the US has 2200 active strategic nuclear weapons, but the means to deliver only 850 of them at a time. The ICBM was probably supposed to fire, but the bombs are just being stored - they're gravity bombs and Ft. Constantine doesn't have an airfield.


If it's like a Wuxia movie but with mutants and retro future technology, than I'd begin playing it before the download is complete.

I'm not sure - there would be rarely some friendly persons, since China's forces (or what's left of it) would be hostile. In addition, how would you get there?