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You drank the moonshine in that house in North Vegas, didn't you?

Call the janitor robot from the sarsparilla factory. He's all about picking up caps.


you can drop caps?

Sure. If you drop them all together they should stack as a single cap. If you drop them one at a time apparently you can't find your way out of a hotel room.

Maybe we're getting it all wrong... they say they dropped Cpas, not caps. Which would explain a lot.

10,000 Certified Public Accountants all wedged into that one room would make the door hard to find. And make the game lag like no one's business. And if you kill them all they drop is the *&^$%&ing finance clipboard.

Makes sense why they can't find the door. All they can see are a bunch of CPAs in front of them. PROBLEM SOLVED!

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