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Reload your autosave if you haven't left. The autosave saves when you first walk in, before your conversation.If you didn't kill any of them, run away and wait a few days and they'll go back to normal. If you did, they may or may not, the White Glove society rep is kind of odd - if necessary wear a white glove society outfit and then they'll be neutral to you. It might be easier to load a recent save.

I left for a pretty long time afterwards and just came back. they were all still hostile. Is there any way to increase my fame outside of the casino or get the white glove attire elsewhere?

Without the console? I don't believe so. Waiting three days worked in F3, but I haven't tried it with NV, and from what you say it doesn't sound like that works. Are you being attacked everywhere on the Strip, or just in the UL?

Just when I walk into the UL casino. My status on The Strip is Accepted. I'm not sure exactly how long I left for, but I completed at least 3 sidequests before going back. I'm playing on a 360

Just to be safe, wait three days then go back, and if that doesn't work I'd advise a reload or genocide.

I waited for 3 days, went back, same results....i guess ill just take care of the problem. thanks for the help

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. The White Glove Society just enjoys being difficult. >_<

ANSWER: Save and save often. On the bright, White gloves are nothing but uppity cannibals so go back in and mow them all down for fun, then you get your own hotel casino, so to speak.

Do I fail any quests by killing everybody?

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