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First check to make sure that you can get rid of duds. You can do this by finding characters that connect together. Next when you are clicking words it will say something like 1/8 right or something. The 1 represents that 1 letter in the word you chose is right and the 8 represents how much letters are in the word. Make sure you raise your Science skill and get the Computer Whiz for better hacking.

- - - Although ^ is correct, my best advice is not to worry about the Computer Whiz perk - it's a waste of a perk choice!! On the Xbox 360 version, even if you get to 1 guess remaining, you can still back out and re-enter the hacking without getting locked out. So I tend to look for 3 possible 'words' straight up - then remove the duds and get the allowance replenished. If then I still get the last attempt flashing, I'll back out of the terminal, and go back in to start again. Don't waste your choice of a good perk on the Computer Whiz - it just means if you get locked out you can go back in which you can do so long as you don't get yourself locked out of the terminal.

Cheers, Siouxsie. - - -

-HACKING SIMPLIFIED- First thing when you log onto the terminal is choose the first 3 on the left. If they dont work look for connections on the same line like {} () [] <> it might looks something like <h9--=,.> If you highlight the left bracket i.e {,[,(,or < and the whole section highlights you know you have it right. Do this until you remove all the duds you can and get your allowences replenished. Once you have done that you have 3 more tries. Remember the first 3 you tried then guess on 3 more out of whats left. NEVER use your last try always back out and try again using this method. ~~

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