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How to get arch 2 ammo?

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the super lazer takes 2 days to recharge

You must correctly complete the quest 'That Lucky Old Sun' and choose the option that powers on the Arch 2 laser (NOT Arch 1.) Go there for more information, but if you have already completed the quest and didn't choose the right option you CAN NOT get it.

The above person is right, you can't get it if you dont choose to devite power to it (you dont have to arm it, just divert it to it, arming it kills all NCR which is bad so just divert power to the satilite, or if your Legion then I guess blasting them is ok. A solution to getting ammo for it if you didnt divert would be console commands on computer if you really want it that badly, but if on Xbox or Ps3 it's gone and you need to move on with your life, and like the first person says, it takes like a day to charge for only one shot so it's not that reliably from the start even.

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