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First, you need schematics for it. You can find them:

  • Can be bought from Tulip in Underworld.
  • Inside the Power Substation (on the workbench) of MDPL-13 Power Station.
  • Reward for Stealing Independence from Abraham Washington.

When you got the schematics, you need parts for the gun. The parts are:

  • Fission Battery
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Steam Gauge Assembly
  • Crutch

You can find those all over the Capital Wasteland.

Then you have to find a workbench. Locations of them:

  • Megaton - Inside Craterside Supply.
  • Rivet City - In the Market, and in The Capitol Preservation Society.
  • Meresti Station - The Family's hideout.
  • Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop - northwest of Tenpenny Tower. In the shack.
  • Robco Facility - northeast of Tenpenny Tower.
  • Upper level of one of the SatCom Array facilities.
  • In your house/apartment, after purchasing the My First Workbench item from Moira Brown.
  • In the tunnels from the Jefferson Memorial to the Citadel, located in a side passage. NOTE: The area around this workbench is radioactive.
  • Hamilton's Hideaway
  • Jury Street Metro Station - Inside, protected by 3 raiders.
  • Pinkerton's hideout in the Broken Bow of Rivet City.
  • Evergreen Mills Bazaar - Smiling Jack has a workbench in the northwest alcove of his store.
  • Falls Church metro, in the Franklin Metro Utility room.
  • Mechanist's Lair
  • Bethesda Ruins - 3rd floor of Bethesda East building.
  • MDPL-13 Power Station - Substation shack.
  • Old Olney - in the Sewers.
  • Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Against the south wall inside the Office building.
  • Canterbury Commons - In Dominic and Machete's house.
  • Little Lamplight - In the great chamber.
  • Fort Independence - In the lower level.
  • On the top floor of a destroyed Raider-occupied building, northwest of the Arlington Library.
  • The Underworld - In Underworld Outfitters shop run by Tulip. The Underworld is in the main concourse in the Museum of History.
  • National Guard Depot - One level below the floor you enter on, by a desk. Go down the stairs on the left as soon as you enter.
  • Paradise Falls - Inside Lock and Load on the left side of the shop when you walk in.
  • Enclave Crawler - Behind the repulsion field when you first enter it. (Broken Steel add-on)
  • Engineering Core- At the 2nd level where you first enter. (Mothership Zeta add-on)

You can also find them at your house on Megaton or suite at Tenpenny Tower, if you're bought it.

Hope this helped!


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