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Depends on your level, really. I thought it was disappointingly easy, as clearing The Fort was also. I took Boone with me for role play reasons and entered Caesar's tent with an LMG or minigun, and just started firing as soon as the screen loaded, as you will be swarmed by praetorian guards with power fists as soon as you enter. I was wearing power armor and I think I only had to use the pip boy to take stim packs once in the engagement. When the smoke clears, Caesar's body should be mixed in somewhere with his guards.

it can get pretty hard if youre not prepared. the pratorians might have crapy armor but they all have decnt unarmed skill and are armed with balistic fists and Caesar has displacer glove so if youre not careful youll get thrown down alot and theyll just wail on you. have a high DT and good armor preferably a medium armor like NCR Ranger combat armor or the Desert ranger armor because they keep you more mobile then heavy armor but offer just as good protection. bring your strongest gun and fastest shooting guns like .45 smg or lmg or if youre unarmed then youre own balistic fist or a chainsaw if youre melee. in terms of meds/food: desert salads, wateland omlets, yao guai meat, bighorner/brahmin steak, dr bag, and stimpaks of course. chems: buffout, jet, med-ex, psycho, hydra. jet is there so you can use VATS since you take less damage in vats. you wont necessarily need too much of each chem item cause there arent that many. but bring plenty of stimpaks if you dont have good armor/DT and set the stimpaks to a shortcut

or you just do it with brain, mines, Boone and EDE placed thinkfully to take advantage of their good ranged weapons. place Boone and EDE in front of the bunker entrance, place some mines and C4 along the way to the tent. enter the tent to lure the enemies, leave the tent and run towards your companions, after some explosions there should be only 2-3 enemies left. handle them :) no need for tons of chems or food

I used Boone and the .45 SMG. And just for Caesar, I used A Light Shining In Darkness (Joshua Graham's pistol) just for him.

Ahh yes. i totally forgot enemies will follow you out of the tent

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