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If you have the Operation: Anchorage DLC then use the ammo duplication glitch, which you can find at any cheat site, then use the glitch to keep all your items from Anchorage. 5.56 ammo sells for .5 caps, so if you sell 30,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo, you'll have 15,000 caps. Be careful though. If you have more than 35,000 of any ammo type, a horrible glitch will occur, causing you to drop all ammo of that type and disabling you from ever being able to pick it up again.

Simply put, sell things! There are quite a few vendors in the game who buy/sell items and their caps respawn every 73 hours. There are also repeatable quests that pay caps.

Walter in megaton will pay caps for every piece of scrap metal you bring him. (with downloadable content there are easily 300-400 to be found) The law bringer perk gives you caps for every evil character you kill (talon mercs, raiders, enclave, slavers etc.) after you complete the Broken Steel add on you can sell mutant blood samples (found on every mutant you kill) for 50 caps each. Also you can sell cameras and sensor modules at the citadel after broken steel as well.

Raiders are plentiful, easy to kill and respawn every 73 game hours. If you have law bringer perk, between selling the fingers and selling their equipment, you can make more caps than you could ever have a need for in the game. The Bethesda ruins alone spawns about 15 outside and in the two buildings. A short list of places to find respwnable raiders easily is:

Fairfax ruins, Bethesda ruins, Evergreen mills, Wheaton armory, Springvale school, Five axles rest stop, The raid shack, Cliffside caverns, Charnel house, Drowned Devil's Crossing, Underpass near Citadel, Jury street metro (with Broken steel), Raider farmhouse, Chaste acres dairy farm, Raider camp, south of flooded metro, MDPL-16 power station, Grisly diner, To name a few…

There are plenty more. By the time you get through that list they will have respawned at the first location and you could easily keep going through the list indefinitely.

Another good way is to take the scrounger perk. This gives you considerably more ammo when searching ammo boxes, desks, etc. The ammo for weapons you don’t use can be sold for a hefty profit.

Along these lines trading technology to the Brotherhood outcasts at Fort independence can be quite profitable. They will give you the same reward regardless of the items condition, so a set of Enclave Power armor in poor condition might only be worth 25 caps, yet they will still give you 240 rounds of .556 ammo for it, that can then be sold for .9 caps each or 11 stimpaks that sell for 23 caps each, depending on your barter skill.

A common item found in trash cans is cartons of cigarettes. Trash cans respawn as do desks, file cabinets and metal boxes, so even if you are in an area that you have previously looted be sure to recheck those containers for new loot!

Lastly you can take the fortune finder perk that gives you considerably more caps while exploring containers and dead NPC’s.

Bottom line though, there is only so much you can spend your caps on, and there is no rewards or achievements for becoming a “millionaire” in the game. So all in all, aside from strictly personal reasons, after a while caps become quite meaningless in the game. I’m sitting on a little over 100,000 caps and I’m sure all totaled I have a million more worth of scrounged loot in my house and honestly there is absolutely nothing to spend it on.

The only things I ever buy is .308 ammo for the sniper rifle, because it’s a rather rare ammo in the game, and I also like the talon combat helmet but its rare as well and can only be repaired with either combat helmets (again rare) or by paying for repair. Aside from rare ammo or other rare items you need repaired you will be hard pressed to find anything to spend your caps on. ReapTheChaos 23:25, January 29, 2010 (UTC)