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Pick them all up, manage to crawl to elevator before Elijah founds out he's trapped. How to do it: immediately after picking everything up, talk to Elijah, then use a stealth boy. Sneak near elevator entrance; leave Elijah a clear way to go in front of vault without bumping into you. When he turns and heads towards the vault, abandon sneaking and rush to the elevator, you have to get behind the forcefield line before Elijah gets to the terminal and activates security. Then you can safely walk to elevator. Good luck!ummm dont know... im thinking drop everything at the start area of dead money apart from a weapon to kill the elijah with and some armor then see and it also matters on how much strength u haveYou dont...melt it down, fashion it into a hat, and saunter out of there. job done.

seriouysly though you get them all then chuck them through one of the dorrs before elijah turns up, run away and get them before the get to the elevatorsneak past Elijah using a stealth boy as he goes in to the vaultmake sure you kill the laser turrets outside first, (theres around 4), place gas bombs/fragmines/c4 below the stairs to the right of the vault door, go inside the vault, deactivate security measures collect bars, go to back terminal, select vera, ONLY READ FIRST MESSAGE, talk to Elijah and get him to go to the vault then open the vault door and beeline to the force field you place explosives in front of, crouch and walk into the left corner of the force field. You will magically pop through as will Elijah, landing him on the explosives and killing him. You then head straight for the elevator. (tested on 360 and this method works like a charm)

This is the explosives method [click here] Seeing it is probably far easier then trying to read a written explanation.

Below is my personal favorite.
Go into the vault and loot it. Use the terminal, then convince Elijah to come down with a Science, Repair, Sneak, Explosives, Barter or Lockpick check (need atleast 75). Then, do what the video shows. At the end, you need to start moving towards the exit when Elijah is about 2 steps away from the terminal. It might take a couple of attempts to get the timing down, but this method is relatively easy.

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