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there are 2 ways: from the BoS, and the west coast remnants of the Enclave. To get training from the BoS, complete their quest still in the dark, and then complete Eyesight to the Blind quest, which you must deal with Tabitha on black mountain which you should of dealt with when you went to retrive the mission holotapes for the still in the dark quest. and for the Enclave remnants, you must first get Arcade Gannon as a follower and activate his quest For Auld Lang Syne,and gather the 5 Remnants members: Daisy Whitman,found in or near her motel room in Novac, Doctor Henry, found in the main building at Jacobstown, Cannibal Johnson, found in Cannibal Johnson's Cave, Judah Kreger found in Westside, Orion Moreno found in his house near the NCR Sharecropper Farms. all will give you 1 word which creates a 5-word pass phrase: dear old friends, remeber Navarro. after this go into the command room and say who you will side with, NCR, or Caesars Legion if you have sided with Mr House or Yes Man, pick the NCR after picking the NCR, Orion Moreno will storm out, yelling about how much he hates the NCR. you can persuade him with a speech check of 80, but if you fail, he becomes hostile and you must kill him. if you join the legion, Gannon and Johnson will leave and cannot be persuaded to come back then talk to daisy whitman for power armor traing and she teach you and give you her suit of the unique Remnats power armor. if returning to the BoS without them teaching you power armor whoever is elder will be shocked and ask you where you learned it,then he will say you are well traveled and he still has no idea that an Enclve bunker is so close to them. friend with the brotherhood or complete arcade's side quest

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