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The tranquility lane can get finished either the good karma (short) or the bad karma (long) way.

Short way: you go to the abandoned house and do the activation sequence - activate Radio, Pitcher, Gnome, Pitcher, Cinder Block, Gnome, Bottle. Then a terminal appears, read the info on the simulation or straight on go to the Chinese invasion option.

Long way: go chat with Betty , you will notice, that there's something wrong with her... Do whatever she tells you to do. For every action you take, it affects your karma, in the wrong way...

You can quit the silly games anytime you want and switch to path 1.

First of all you should know that you can check the mailboxes in front of the houses to see of whom the house belongs to. That being said, look around for the Neusbaum's House, and find Timmy, a young boy just like yourself. Choose whichever option you like best from below:

1. Hit him with your fists until he starts to cry. 2. Do the Speech Challenge about his parents divorcing. 3. Kill one of his parents in the house. Timmy will soon see it and cry. 4. Go inside the house and find the Military School Brochure. Show it to Timmy

  and tell him that he's gonna have to go there.  Sorry kid.

Return to Betty and ask any one question that burns the most for you. After this you're sent out to break the Rockwell's marriage. Head into their house, go upstairs and read the dairy of Ms. Rockwell. Again you have several options:

1. Grab the Rolling Pin from the kitchen below, head outside and into the

  Simpson residence.  Find Ms. Simpson and kill her with the Rolling Pin.  Now
  Locate Roger Rockwell and tell him how crazy his wife is, twice.

2. Talk to Ms. Rockwell and do the Speech Challenge about Roger kissing an other


3. Go into the Simpsons house and grab the Lacy Underwear from the bedroom

  upstairs.  Place this on the desk in the basement of the Rockwells and tell
  Ms. Rockwell to come to the basement.  Tell her that Roger is cheating on
  her, or..

4. Tell her that Roger is a transvestite. Lol. :p

Return to Betty, who'll demand another task from you. She now wants you to kill Mabel Henderson. Enter her house.

1. Head upstairs and fiddle with the chain of the chandelier. Wait for Mabel to

  pass right under it.

2. Fiddle with the oven and ask Mabel to bake you a Pie. 3. Use the terminal to make the robot target everything in sight. Stay far

  away as he slays Mabel.

4. Use the rollerskate at the top of the stairs. Whenever Mabel comes down,

  she'll break her neck.

Your last task is to kill all residents in Tranquility Lane. You can use the compass to locate them with the green flashing arrows. After this you're granted freedom.

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