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The Fallout Answers policies and guidelines are here to provide a comprehensive frame work for the "do's and "don't's" and best practices for editors of this wiki. Generally speaking all of Nukapedia's policies and guidelines transfer to this site. The following are some additions to already established policies.


Policies are a set of general rules that all user must abide by, regardless of site status. The policies are here to standardize the site and establish basic criteria for all content and rules.

User conduct

  • Be civil: If there is a disagreement, talk it out politely without swearing or insulting the other party. It is not only what you say, but also how you say it. This also goes for answering questions. If a question is considered "stupid", do not insult the asker of the question. This site was created to help users learn about the Fallout universe, not to help users get insulted.
  • User pages: User pages are considered the property of the respective user and thus should not be edited by anyone but the user themselves. You may put anything you would like on your user page (as long as you do not violate common rules of decency or insult other users).
  • User talk pages: User talk pages are pages that allows users to message each other back and forth. Again, when discussing on talk pages, be civil.

Asking a question

  • Use Nukapedia: To the left of the 'Community' tab is a link to the mother site, Nukapedia. There is also a link in the bottom left corner that links to Nukapedia. Nukapedia is an expansive wiki dealing with everything related to Fallout. Most questions can easily be answered by searching there.
  • Use the seach box: If your question is not answered after searching Nukapedia, search your query in the Search box below the green "Ask" button. It is very likely that someone has already asked a similar question before you.
  • Asking the question: After having checked Nukapedia and searched your query, if you have no conclusive results, you may ask your question in the query box. When asking, remember to ask in a complete sentence with proper grammar, while being as specific as possible. Vague and statement questions will be deleted.
  • Objectivity: All questions must be able to be answered completely objectively. Subjective questions have no definite answer and are often asked to gauge the opinions of other users. Please refrain from asking subjective questions in the mainspace. Rather, ask them in our forum. There you may ask question that relates to the Fallout series and get many different opinions on a topic. This is the place to ask broad speculation questions, such as future games and future add-ons as well as questions such as 'Character X vs. Character Y'. Additionally, it includes questions like "What is the best game/weapon/apparel/et cetera."

Answering a question

  • Only add additional information when it's needed: If another user added it before you, it is not needed to say it again.
  • Linking to Nukapedia: Being able to link question to articles on Nukapedia is a very important tool. It allows an asker to go to the link and learn even more about a subject, if they so desire. Linking can be done by typing: [[w:c:Fallout:XXX|XYZ]], where 'XXX' is the article on Nukapedia you would like to link to and 'XYZ' is what words you want the link to appear in.
  • Question deletion: If a question goes against policy and/or is outside the scope of the Fallout universe, simply mark it with {{delete|your reason}} and an administrator will take care of it.
  • Spelling and grammar: Use proper spelling and grammar whenever possible to convey your answer in a way everyone can read it.

Modding consoles

  • Fallout Answers Wiki will not support any form of hacking, cracking, piracy, editing, downloading or anything that would violate the End User Licence Agreement, legal mod sites Terms of Service, or any other copyright laws in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or other areas. Nations that do not have copyright laws are NOT exempt from this rule. Any sensible mod site will ban you on the spot. Modding of XBOX will get you permanently banned on XboxLive.
Fallout Answers Wiki members will never direct you to any console modding sites, or ways to un-ban your console. Any discussion of a positive nature to this, will result in ALL party members being removed from this site, forever, regardless of site status. Any person who asks for illegal hacks, cracks, downloads, and mods will be forever removed from the site, regardless of status.
  • These rules have no exceptions, no warnings, and no second chances.
  • Mods are for PC versions of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, becuase the Software Development Kit is included free with the game software. Modding Fallout 1 is next to impossible, and only has a few mods in total. Modding Falout 2 and Fallout Tactics is very difficult, and are also very uncommon. Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics do represent a grey area for modding, and have a lesser importance here, due to the lack of demand for illegal modding of these games.


Guidelines describe the desired etiquette and common practice on this wiki. The guidelines are here to make the wiki easier for both editors and reader alike and to make its appearance more uniform and consistent.

Asking questions

  • Trolling: Don't ask questions for the sake of trying to get a reaction out of people. It will result in a block.
  • Spamming: Simply put, don't intentionally spam anything, whether it be a legitimate question or an off topic statement. The question(s) will be deleted and you will be blocked.

Answering questions

  • Signing your posts: Signing your post is completely unnecessary. Your contributions are well logged in both your contributions tab on your user page, as well as in the questions history.
  • Don't feed the troll: If you witness a troll question, put a delete tag on it (instructions above) and then leave it alone. If the troll doesn't get a reaction, it will die.


  • Whenever vandalism is witnessed, revert the edit and report the vandal to an administrator as soon as possible. This ensures the vandal will be blocked from the site and not be allowed to disrupt any more pages. Vandalism can be defined as inserting gibberish or false information into a page, inserting swear words into pages or moving pages to an inappropriate page name.