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Who are u allied with NCR if so Recruit legionaries respawn at fortification hill (Where Caeser is) also just find a couple of hot spots like scorpion gulch or deathclaw promontory and put the difficulty down... if you're scared you will die which against that many deathclaws its possible

You need to kill 1900 of anything, so go somewhere where you can find lots of weak enemies - the ants in the Eldorado and Ivanpah dry lakes are good, or the scorpions in scorpion gulch or norhteast of Goodsprings cemetery - all of these areas respawn, so you can pretty much farm them - also look for places with groups of geckos, mole rats, or coyotes, any animals you can easily put down with a single shot without using your more valuable ammo. Fiends will respawn in and around the South Vegas Ruins, and are a good source of loot as well as kills. Also, legionaries spawn regularly at the raid camp and NCR troopers spawn regularly outside McCarran, whichever side you're enemies with you can attack every few days.

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