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I hope not, that would ruin the expierience of walking the wastes

no, not a chance. if you want to drive buy RAGE

In all likelyhood, no. The only game that had driving was Tactics. 3 had vehicles as user-created mods, though.

You seem to have forgotten that Fallout 2 had the Highwayman-the Chosen One could (and should) drive it.

Damn, i wanted to reconsturct a motorcycle and ride across the wastes, blasting the heads of deathclaws with my sawed off in drive by attacks

No thats wrong :D. There exists a Motorcycle mod for Fallout 3. But its very glitchy :D

no but you can get mods for that if you had the pc version

^They said fallout 4, stop rubbing your pc superiority complex in everyones faces. You make us look bad

Not if they keep the current engine.

^They have a new engine, the Creation Engine.

It would be good if it was introduced towards the end.

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