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Yes, buy a Theme from Moira.

You can buy themes from Moira at Craterside supply, she also sells items like a nuka-cola machine, jukebox, work bench, infirmary and a laboratory. Personally, as to buying the themes, I would save your game then buy each one, check it out, reload and buy the next. This helps you decide what one to buy. Personally I found them all to be a waste of caps. All they add is a bunch of clutter you could easily pick up yourself and place around your house.

Myself I didn’t buy a theme. I just placed unique items of interest I picked up during the game on the various shelves around the house to spruce it up. If you buy a theme, it will place items on the shelves in the main room downstairs, some of which you cant move or get rid of. I found it better to make my own decisions about what to place there.

The only one I thought would be somewhat useful was the wasteland theme because it placed a picnic table in the main living area and you could use it to display other items on. However 1400 caps is kind of pricey for a worn out table if you ask me! The main item I was wanting with the themes was additional storage, but none of them offer that. ReapTheChaos 22:02, January 29, 2010 (UTC)