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Radio: Accepted by NCR. Caesars Hire: Mixed or neutral Rep with legion. Caesars favor: Accepted by legion.You only have to be accepted or liked to get the radio not sure about the legion stuff I don't think so. If you could,

you would have to be nice to both the Legion and NCR which is hard. But probably not impossible.

im idolized by ncr and liked by legion. ive been idolized by ncr for ages, and ive been liked by legion for a reasonable amount of time but ive only got the emergency radio

YES. If you complete NCR related quests to boost NCR reputation, without being caught by the Legion by means of stealth kills or non-companion NPC kills. For the Legion, if you can successfully steal/pickpocket about 110 NCR dog tags from NCR troopers, go to Cottonwood Cove and give them to Aurelius of Pheonix inexhange for caps and Legion reputation.

ive got good rep with both but ive still only got the radio. does the frumontar - whatever spawn in a certain place?

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