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betty is the little girl watering the flowers in tranquillity lane in vault 112. look for smith casey's garage. she will give you the missions to play in T.L. if her voice changes, which it will, this is normal. it's just dr. strauss the inventor of tranquillity lane. don't try to hit her or she will kill you. Doc is your dad. once you finish tranquilltiy lane he will be let out. there is a shortcut to ending T.L. go to the abandoned house, in this order click on the radio, glass pitcher, garden gnome, glass pitcher, cinder block, garden gnome, nuka cola bottle. then the computer will show up. click "activate chinese invasion." when you go out, men will be shooting people. they will not be hostile to you. betty will get really mad, and it is saddening to hear her say that she will be all alone FOREVER! This solution of the quest gives you positive karma, or you can play Bettys game and in the end kill everybody in the Tranquility Lane, which gives you negative karma.

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