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I Think the best way to kill deathclaws is fat mans lol but seeing as the ammo is so rare use bottlecap mines cos theyre actually ok lol

@ Deathclaws !

i find that mines are effective but if im on a harder difficulty i go strait for the missile launcher or the alien blaster

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well, actualy the best way to kill Deathclaw is to shoot with you Dartgun into their legs, thus making them too slow to chase you down. After damaging their legs you actually can kill them even with stones and harsh language... Just dont approach them too closely and use ranged weapon.

Be a man and make sure you have 20 stimpacks, then stand there and beat it to death with a sword! Or just go find the Alien Blaster........

Also note: You don't have to shoot them in the leg with the dart gun to cripple both legs. Anywhere on the Deathclaw will do. Normally I hit them with a Dartgun, follow up with a single Alien Blaster shot to the head and finish with some Chinese Assault Rifle rounds if necessary. With that technique I cleared out Old Olney and the Deathclaw Sanctuary with pretty much no trouble (minus one Deathclaw that glitched through a wall and pounced me, but he did nothing more than to scare me shitless).

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