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Best armor new vegas?

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Umm non-power armor probably NCR Ranger Vet armor if not try Reinforced Combat Armor Mk2 power armor Remnants Power Armor

My favorite picks: Power Armor: Remnants Power Armor. Heavy armor: gecko-backed metal armor. Medium Armor: Combat armor reinforced Mk 2 or Desert/NCR ranger combat armor (whichever you think looks cooler I guess), and Light: tie between Sierra Madre security armor reinforced and Joshua Graham's armor

For Power Armor I'd go with Remnants PA using a T51B helmet as the very best, Desert Ranger CA for medium over the NCR stuff because it isn't a disguise and Graham's armor is the very best light for DT so yeah, seems like the obvious choice there, though I really like the gecko backed reinforced leather just because I'm a sucker for crafting.

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