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the Followers Safehouse/BoS Safehouse have the best equipment inside, the NCR safehouse is probaly the worst

  • It's the only way to get the Ranger Combat Armor early in the game, and is the most centrally located of the safehouses.

Legion have lucky shades and someone who gives Stealth boys...

Get yourself into the high rollers suites, they're quite spiffy.

The Tops presidential suite - agree to meet Benny there and you'll get the key, but you'll have to wait to kill him. There's no workbench, but otherwise it's a more luxurious version of the Lucky 38 suite.


I don't know what it is about the prospector's den, but I like it. Maybe's it's the two stage entryway, or the merhcant on tap, but it appeals to me.

I use the Novac Motel Room. I find it very nice for roleplaying purposes. The fancier versions breaks the immersion for me, as I'm not one for vanity or excess. It's also quite convenient, with only one loading screen between you and your hideout, and plenty of storage space. Not to mention that there's a doctor nearby, and the merchant trader route goes directly through Novac. - Odecey

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