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I think it's better to play the game first, and the ask stupid question's.

[addtion..]well if the people in vault 112 count then yes around about 12 i beliv and everybody in vault 101 and then there is fawkes a supermutant and his mutating human friend who's name I have forgoten.

Umm...everyone who is alive is desended from vault dwellers. Thats how humanity survived. Were you really not paying attention?

[addition..] there was familys who had there own bunkers there are people in under world who shall surpor me on this she is greeta's friend I belive had a bunker and her dad got incerate by a nuke so not everybody came from a vault.

not all people are descended from vault dwellers megaton is prooth of this also i think the tribals and raiders were people from before the war as a ghoul in underworld will say she could her raiders as she hid in the museum of history

You went through the trouble of making a wiki account just to ask this question? You know that the vault dweller has a father, so we can deduce that you watched the intro right? Nah, of course not. Also, not everyone that lives in the wastes is descended from a vault. Ghouls are proof of this. Shit some people from vaults still turned into ghouls.

Wait, is the fellow how posted this a successful troll, and idiot, or did he mean to say 'any survivors from OUTSIDE the vault' but left the word 'outside' out of the sentence accidentally? Ponder this for a moment. - Fantastic's Sunglasses

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