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I know I spent a couple minutes trying to figure it out it should say something like thins "Come on boy"

Thank you for answering. "Come on boy" is for e.g. when Dogmeat is waiting inside your home. But options that follow this are "Don't move until I get back." "It's not safe here go wait at Vault 101" (Firing) and "Good bye Dogmeant" (Follow me) Strange really; it's the same in other language versions as well. PS3demon 17:56, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

this actually changes from the original F3 format to the add-ons. I recently loaded the GOTY version with all 5 add-ons (mid game) and it updated to Good Bye Dogmeat instead of Stay here. Since I now have all 5 addons, I am not sure which one actually did this; but it certainly sounds wierd compared to the original script.